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  • KuCoin Login Earn is a one-stop wealth management service platform created by KuCoin. Users can use various financial products to increase the value of their holdings
  • KuCoin Earn provides products such as Flexible Savings, Staking, Polkadot, and ETH 2.0 in both flexible and fixed terms. For flexible term products, users can redeem their funds at any time. For fixed term products, the funds will be automatically redeemed to their account at maturity. The yield of fixed term products is higher than that of flexible term products
  • Hover over a coin on KuCoin Earn with your cursor to display all of its available products. Click the Transfer In or Subscribe button on a product and enter your purchase amount to purchase the product
  • Select a product type in your Financial Account to view all of the corresponding products you have purchased
  • To redeem funds from a Flexible Savings product, click the Transfer Out or Redeem button. To redeem funds from a Staking product, click the Redeem button. The funds of a fixed term product will be automatically redeemed to your account at maturity. All the redeemed funds will be credited to your Main Account
  • Fluctuations in returns are normal and depend on the market conditions and changing trends of the crypto industry
1. KuCoin Wealth mainly offers structured products based on options.
2. Structured products are combinations of financial instruments that meet the risk-return needs of investors based on their individual financial profiles and market views.
3. Customers can build their wealth through structured products by profiting from different market conditions. Depending on your market views, such as bullish, bearish or oscillating, we offer a variety of products that cater to your diverse risk-return needs, opening up more possibilities than using linear perpetual contracts and spot products.
4. At KuCoin Wealth, we have a team of professionals from leading financial institutions and internet giants who design and trade structured products, catering to different financial needs in all market environments while implementing strict risk control measures to manage and protect your wealth.
1. KuCoin Wealth expects to bring two products to our clients soon.
2. The first product is designed to help our clients accumulate their wealth passively, without the need to actively follow the market in real time, helping our clients earn significant returns in a volatile market with ease.
3. The second product is designed to help our clients better express their market views on volatility, multiplying their principals while avoiding liquidation risk.
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